Movie Contest!

What is your favourite line in a movie?

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Are you talkin to me” Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver
“Get away from her, you bitch!” Sigourney Weaver, Alien

Some movies linger in our minds and hearts for decades. We remember the characters, their storyline, and the memorable lines they spoke.

The Silver Wave Film Fest Movie Contest invites all New Brunswickers to send in their iPhone videos. Silver Wave is just around the corner and what better time to have some film fun then around SWFF time (SWFF runs Nov 4-11 this year)

Check out out festival site at:

In your video (no more than 20 to 30 seconds, please), tell us your name, where you live in NB, and the movie you love, and say your favourite line in the movie. You have to say it and say it with feeling! If you want to get dressed in costume to feel epic, you can do that too!

How to get us your video file:
Dropbox it to [email protected] OR
Google drive it to [email protected] 
OR by another online transfer program that you use

Deadline for submissions: November 7, 5pm.

The Prize: $300 in cash for Best NB Video

The Prize: $100 in cash for best ‘outside of NB’ Video

Keep it PG as we will be sharing these videos online.

The Film Co-op board of directors can play for fun, but they can’t win the Prize.

Open to New Brunswick and non-NB residents.

  • There is no purchase necessary to play this contest.
  • As stated in our contest information, the contest ends on November 7th, 2021.
  • Judging is by the audience by public poll, you pick the winner!
  • Silver Wave is running this contest.
  • Facebook is not a sponsor of this contest. 
  • We do ask participant’s permission to allow us to promote their videos, that is what the contest is all about, it’s hard to vote if you can’t view the video.
  • If you do not want to say your name and city, that’s ok, that is up to you!